Cecilia Haddad – Murdered & body found floating in a Sydney river


Ex-boyfriend of murdered Brazilian mining executive, 38, sought over her death as it is revealed he changed travel plans to fly back to South America ‘two days early’

  • Police suspect Ms Haddad, 38, was murdered and launched an investigation
  • Police want to speak with a man who flew from Australia to South America
  • Kayakers discovered the body of the Brazilian national floating in the river
  • Detectives have pleaded for assistance from the public into the investigation

The ex-boyfriend of Cecilia Haddad reportedly flew home to Brazil two days earlier than he initially planned, as police say they want to question him as part of the investigation into her murder. ‘Flight records are being checked to see when he actually left the country and when he was originally booked to leave,’ a police source told The Daily Telegraph. ‘Obviously he is a person of interest and someone we need to talk to but there are others.’celia haddad HDR

New South Wales Police said detectives were looking into the man’s flights.

The body of the 38-year-old Brazilian national was discovered floating in the Lane Cover River, on Sydney’s North Shore, about 10.45am on Sunday.  The former lover flew from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro at the weekend after bringing his flights forward by a couple of days, the Daily Telegraph reported.

While they want to speak with him, police stressed Ms Haddad’s ex-boyfriend was not a suspect in the murder case.

Detectives confirmed Ms Haddad was murdered at the weekend, ruling her death out as an accident or suicide, but did not reveal why they came to this conclusion. They revealed she had been using dating websites since her and her husband divorced. Ms Haddad had a BBQ with friends on Friday night and spoke with a friend over the phone on Saturday morning. That was the last known contact with the mining executive before her body was discovered.

Police said Ms Haddad’s car, which was found at a train station, was also being searched for clues. The red Fiat 500 was found at Ryde train station on Sunday afternoon, more than 24 hours after she called friends and was never heard from again.

The Brazilian national last spoke to friends on Saturday morning but never arrived at several appointments she had booked for that day. Police confirmed they had seen Ms Haddad on CCTV footage taken in the Ryde area, but appealed for any security or dashcam footage that may help their investigation.

Ms Haddad, who speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish, was the director of CHC Consulting – which she founded – but was currently employed with disability support group Hireup. Previously, Ms Haddad worked as an executive at a WA mining company before her move to New South Wales in 2016. She moved to Australia in 2007 to work for BHP after graduating with a degree in industrial engineering in Rio de Janeiro.

Detectives from the Homicide Squad, together with officers from the Ryde Police Area Command, have established Strike Force Bronwyn to investigate circumstances surrounding her death.

source; http://www.dailymail.co.uk



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